A night in Arusha, back to civilisation – Well almost…

After a long drive leaving Kilimanjaro and all the amazing memories we had just created in the distance, we head to Arusha via Moshi stopping for a well-earned lunch. It was a long drive of about 5 hrs, but this felt like forever on those bumpy roads!

Eventually we arrived at our hotel for the night. The ‘Hotel Impala’ After 8 days spent on Kilimanjaro it was a lovely treat to be staying in a hotel like this. With a grand entrance and very helpful porters assisting with luggage to your rooms. Check in was fast and painless. Room was spacious with a view of the pool and gardens. Large double bed – extremely comfy! Satellite TV with English channels, hairdryer. Large bathroom with a great powerful shower – just what we needed after the mountain and no showers for 8 days, ha!

We sorted ourselves out and headed out and about to check out the local area surrounding us. Not sure this was the best idea… Immediately as soon as we stepped out of the hotel grounds we were getting stares, we seemed to be the only white people around – oh well. We carried on and just smiled. It was so busy it was approx 6pm maybe people were returning from work. There was a strong smell of corn on the cob cooking at roadside stands, straw blowing everywhere that had come lose from a passing cart. We found a local shop and picked up some bits for the next few days of safari. Didn’t seem to be anything to do here in the evening…

Headed back to the hotel for dinner. Food was great, loads choice from Chinese, Indian to pizza and normal European food. We chose a pizza which was massive!!!! Bar service and waiter service was very slow though and they couldn’t seem to handle large orders very well….. Night was spent just chilling around the hotel, sharing stories from the mountain and keen to commence the next journey to the Serengeti.

Worth a stop over…..

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