Heading towards Olduvai Gorge – Spectacular….

We left Arusha early in the morning travelling via Mto Wa Mbu, which in Swahili means “river of mosquitoes”. Turn of the 20th century, when Africa was wild and untamed, not that it isn’t wild now. Mto Wa Mbu was a settlement in no mans land in the war between the Maasai and the Wambulu. Since then lots has changed, under both German and British control the area was settled by both colonialists and other Tanzanian tribes and is considered a very rich farming area. Mto wa Mbu, pronounced “umto wambu”, is a small town located halfway between Arusha and the Crater and lies at the foot of the Great Rift Valley Escarpment.

We finally reached the Olduvai Gorge, we pull in to the car park and stretch our legs. Walked around the visitor centre/museum and browsed at the thousands of beads and bracelets for sale outside. Quite over whelming I didn’t even buy any…

This truly is a very special place and very interesting. I discovered in 1959 anthropologists Dr and Mrs Leakey discovered the remains of an almost intact human skull named ‘Nutcracker Man’ which is unbelievable. You were able to sit in a viewing area, and look out at the dig site, viewing the different layers in the ground linking to different years the dig has taken place.

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