Serengeti via “Naabi Gate” – Endless Plains…

We drove in our 4×4 jeep via the “Naabi Gate”, which i found out in Maasai language and means ‘the endless plains’. This is really what the view in front of us was whilst we entered into the vast game lands- no animals though! I was very anxious as didn’t know what to expect, this was my first safari. We discovered the area of the Serengeti covers 15,000 square km.

The next two days we took early morning and late afternoon game drives, in search of Africa’s ‘big 5’. Boy was this exciting, our first 6am game drive we saw so much mainly gazelle hoping around everywhere. I soon woke up when  we passed giraffe’s feeding they were so beautiful and gentle and yes very tall. Elephants destructing tree’s in our path – Amazing so glad we had a viewing roof on our jeep, i was up there the whole time! This was like a dream come true. Later that evening we saw Zebra, ostriches dancing or mating as some would say, water hogs running up and down mound’s looking ever so troublesome, Buffalo laying in the sun. Great day!

Following morning after an eventful night (I will post a separate post on wild camping) we had a quick breakfast as the sun rose and back out in our jeep. We headed to a different area and spotted a jeep in the distance looking at a tree. We decided to take a closer look, oh my gosh it was a leopard in the tree. We could see the tail hanging down clearly, but as it was quite far in the distance the binoculars come in very handy. We soon were passing Buffalo and gazelle like we saw them everyday there were that many around. We soon discovered we could drive no further on our path, as when we looked both right and left there were so many zebra’s and wildebeests as far as the eye could see. Our driver/guide informed us it was a migration. We were so lucky to see this. Words cant really describe the sight a picture may help i’ll attach…. Obviously this attracted predators, there they were right in front of us lionesses stalking the vast herds ever so elegantly. They were just watching and watching. I was desperate for them to do something. There was a bit of running around, but no kill. We stayed watching for over an hour and a half. Returning back to camp we passed a tree with lots of baboons around it and babies too, every so funny to watch. Not there bald bum’s though….

Would definitely return to the Serengeti, it was such a unique experience. Loved every moment and made memories which will stay with me forever…


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