The town of ‘Mto Wa Mbu’, a pot of cultural diversity!

As we arrived in the small, lush town of ‘Mto Wa Mbu’, it was clear it’s such a pot of cultural diversity. Learning so much, in such little time spent here. Back in the 1960’s social experiments took place here, having clearly left there mark. The more i was told the more i wanted to know, the place was fascinating.


images        69 Women selling bananas

There were members of 50 different tribes living in this town, mainly due to the unsuccessful project/experiment ran by former Tanzanian President Nyerere’s in African socialism.

Mto wa Mbu nowadays is a very fertile area; it even has its own rice fields and is doing well as a town. We visited the local market, which was very busy and vibrant. I clearly noticed all the different tribes clothes being sold, tyre shoes, livestock, food and beads/jewellery. They flocked around us being the only white people here thinking we had lots of money for them and wanted to buy there livestock. You could see the animals hanging dead, being drained of blood and the smell of bbq’d goat was strong.


A very cultural place to visit!

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