Rural school Visit – Tanzania…

We were lucky to have the opportunity to visit a rural village school on the outskirts of Tanzania. We got to interact with the children, aged about between 5-7 years old teaching them songs and playing games with them. I loved this and could have stayed for hours! The children were so happy to show us there play area afterwards too. This wasn’t for everyone, I was with some people who clearly felt uncomfortable and didn’t want to touch, play and interact with the children too much. This made me think about how natural it came to me and in the future I would maybe like to work for a charity or volunteer in a school or 3rd world country. I saw it as these children know no different and they were happy in what they were doing. They also put a smile on my face!

On the outskirts of the village we got to walk through the banana plantations learning about the different banana’s even the red ones too! Tasting banana beer reluctantly too, with the white froth skinned over the top and flies hovering. Apparently it gets you very drunk and is delicious.

A great cultural day!





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