Our Amazing Honeymoon Series Intro…

So I have decided to give you an insight into our amazing honeymoon adventure. We got married Saturday 4th June 2011 becoming ‘Mr & Mrs Petrie’ and on the Monday 6th June, we jetted off on our first true adventure together as husband and wife.


We are the kind of couple who can’t sit still for long, both well-travelled, love the outdoors and love a good bit of culture and a challenge thrown in. We wanted to make the most of our honeymoon, with a once in a lifetime holiday extravaganza and it certainly lived up to that; taking full advantage of the three week leave allowance from work for getting married too.

The tension was on when we were deciding where we were going to go on our honeymoon, as we both knew it is one of the most important and exciting holidays we will ever plan. Even though we have taken many amazing trips together, we both knew no other journey will hold the same significance as this trip!

It was going to be tough to beat the holiday we got engaged on where we summited Kilimanjaro, went on safari in the Serengeti and chilled out in Zanzibar – Our best holiday to date till now!


Honeymoon Factors we had to Consider Early: – 

  • Taking in to consideration the time of the year & seasons around the world
  • Weather
  • Destination – Somewhere we both hadn’t been before
  • Choosing the style of honeymoon
  • Budget – costs
  • To fulfil exactly what we both wanted from the dream honeymoon

Planning your honeymoon yourself can be stressful, especially as during the same time you are thinking about your perfect wedding too. There are so many things to think about and details to worry about. If you’re doing all the planning and booking yourself over the phone or on the Internet, you may end up booking your travel arrangements over many different websites through different suppliers, in different locations – keeping track is hard. Logistics of timings and travel need to be thoroughly planned out. Often the earlier you book, the more you save when it comes to honeymoons!

I thrived from this, but this is what I love doing! Inventing, creating and planning travel experiences…

Our Decisions: – 

  • We decided we wanted to go on honeymoon straight after the wedding (June)
  • We realised the typical idealistic settings of the Caribbean were out – Due to weather
  • We wanted a multi-centre holiday over 2 or 3 destinations
  • We wanted a mix the combination of adventure, culture and relaxation
  • We decided to tailor the budget around each destination – Was our honeymoon after all!
  • We definitely wanted to avoid big hotels, all-inclusive resorts and coach loads of tourists

Our Honeymoon Plan: –

PART 1  – Exploring the diverse country of Ecuador  (5 nights)

PART 2 – Walking & Mountaineering in the Ecuadorian Andes (5 nights)

PART 3 – Panama city (3 nights)

PART 4 – Relaxing in the San Blas & Kuna Islands (6 nights)


Stay tuned for the upcoming ‘Honeymoon series’ blog posts.

If you do need any help or advice planning your honeymoon – don’t hesitate to get in touch…


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