Xshot Selfie Stick Review

First impressions on the Xshot Selfie Stick in three words – Strong, Small and Light pretty much defines it for me!

As soon as you open the packaging and get your hands on it, you can instantly see and feel that it’s of premium quality, not like any other selfie stick I have owned or had a go of in the past in fact. I must admit the packaging is nothing special, a bit busy with information overload written all over it!



  • The Xshot has a strong aluminium pole, which smoothly extends to 32” (81cm). Not too long, but long enough to capture great scenic shots!
  • It collapses down to 8” (20cm). This being one of the main features I love, this is small enough to fit in a front pocket of a backpack, trouser pocket or even a handbag! Just super compact whatever your up too!
  • If you want something lightweight, this is your selfie stick! You wouldn’t even notice it. Weighing in at just 70g, due to the anodized aluminium design.
  • It has a nice silicone grip hold area, with a handy wristband too, just in case you should drop it.
  • The phone/camera mount is easily adjustable, suitable to take a firm grip of any phone or small camera I imagine. The is even a screw compatibility function on the adapter mount. My iPhone 5s quickly slotted into the mount and I was able to take photos in minutes. The mount even rotates 180 degrees, so you can capture that perfect, unique angle.
  • Whatever the weather, I found it fun and it performs really well.


  • It comes with a bluetooth remote, this didn’t always pair’s with my iphone or camera to use to take photos at ease! Taking too long.
  • The remote can also attach lower down to the selfie stick pole although it does come off the pole a bit too easy and will only attach to the widest part. I found this easier for safe keeping rather than photo taking personally.

Take a further look for yourself and get yours here: Buy your Xshot Selfie Stick here. I asked around about who would use this and it seems pretty much perfect for anyone from groups of friends, lone travellers, a family or even a couple to use when there is nobody around to ask to take your photo!



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