Getting out the helicopter at the glacier!

Hi… I’m Mrs. P

I’m the owner/writer of this blog, born in the mountainous North Wales and now living in the even more mountainous South Island of New Zealand!

What feels like many moons ago I went on an amazing backpacking trip spending a year travelling around Australia, Fiji, Bali and southeast Asia. This clearly sparked my love for travel, culture and exploring!

Shortly after returning to my hometown I fell in love with my now husband again (long story) and we started exploring the mountains together, he romantically proposed to me on the summit of Kilimanjaro. We soon got married and spent an adventurous honeymoon climbing mountains in the Ecuadorian Andes, exploring Panama city and relaxing in the stunning San Blas and Kuna Islands!

We emigrated to New Zealand September 2013 – The biggest adventure of our lives! I had our first child, a gorgeous girl in 2016 and recently had our second child, a beautiful boy in July – So I am now a Mummy and we are a family of four!

I’m always trying to fulfill my hiking or as the kiwis call it tramping addiction/hobby, whilst seeing the sights of the world and now being a Mummy too, I am never short of an adventure buddy! My favourite place or playground to walk, as I sometimes call it is the Snowdonia National Park, Wales!

I’ve also been lucky enough to visit many destinations including France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, The Canary Islands and Tunisia in my early years. South America, Egypt and Cairo, Morocco, Venice, Milan, Verona, Lake Garda, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Dubai, Switzerland, French Alps, Scotland, Isle of Skye and Geneva. A trip of a lifetime to Tanzania, climbing Kilimanjaro, going on safari in the Serengeti and in the Ngrongoro crater and chilling out in Zanzibar. Top family holidays to Cuba & Trinidad, Paris for New Year.

Since moving to New Zealand, I have got into a bit of running to keep fit. Completing my first and maybe only marathon in Queenstown.

After many exciting adventures, I have so much passion to write and share all the experiences both in the past and in the future with you all! I am loving every moment of this journey! Life sure is an adventure!

Favourite Quote: – ‘It is not the mountain which we conquer – It is ourselves’. Edmund Hilary


  1. Hello Mrs. P! Thanks for stopping by my blog Xpedition.TV yesterday. I’m not surprised you gravitated toward Renan Ozturk, you yourself have the soul of an explorer. I have already learned about Ras Mohamed from you, and being a diver (on occasion) it has now made the list!

    I’m following your blog now, for sure! Hope you follow us, as we are just getting started and have loads to share!
    Happy trails!

    Ric Gibbs

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